Wednesday, January 11, 2012

So long 2011

Sadie went to the UK and I was suppose to keep this blog up in her absence- oops so sorry now Sadie is back and WE are back at it.  (Sadie keeps me on track!). 

I realize the season has flown past but what I wanted to do was post pics of my treasured tree ornaments, so here are the pics although they are now packed away for another year.  My tree icicles from Trey Cornette
And my ornament from Will Menzies.

I have also called on some of our Nortel friends to help with our Blog spots so watch for some great blogs from guest artisans coming up in 2012!


  1. OK - now I see them - I guess my computer was a little slow.

  2. Sorry we had some technical difficulties at Nortel. All better now.